When sourcing products or services from China , there are three things that matter the most. 

Quality. Price. Time. 

So how do you make this work and get the right products from a Chinese Supplier ? Here are some tips !

1. Find the right Supplier.

It will be very difficult to get quality products from a supplier that is not properly equipped. Your suppliers need to have the right equipment,skills and experience.

Sometimes you might get acceptable quality from a supplier with the right equipment and skills but with poor management. The best solution and results will come from a qualified supplier with equipment, skills and systems who is also happy to cooperate with you for continuous improvements and combined success !

2. Quality Control System.

You need to develop a common standard or process for the quality tests and requirements with your supplier in the beginning.

It is impossible to obtain the right quality from a supplier who can’t understand your standards, methods and requirements. You may be lucky and get quality product who has a basic quality control system in place but usually without any continuous improvement or proactive / preventative actions in place. To get increasing quality from your supplier , ensure they have an accredited / audited quality system in place ( like ISO9001 ) which covers materials , production (methods and equipment ) , packing and logistics.

3. Finished Goods Quality Inspection.

This may be the last step , but often the most important and overlooked. Here is where the goods will be checked against your requirements and relevant standards as well as a desktop review of any critical production reports and tests. Time must be spent to select random samples to perform batch tests of the finished goods. It can take extra time and cost extra money , but will save you and your company in the long run.

At Smart Products, our team lives and breathes these 3 areas. We will work with you to determine what is important and essential in delivering the best quality product consistently. 

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